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Favorite Online Stores

These stores provide a wide selection of products and fast shipping (or local pickup options).




Local Food Delivery

Make mealtime easy with local food delivery from these national food delivery apps.


Favorite Vacation Rentals & Hotels

Find lodgings in unique locations and stay in a vacation rental home. Or, earn membership loyalty points with stays booked directly with the hotels.


Favorite Online Resources

These online resources save time and provide valuable help with business needs.


Favorite Products

These great products score 5 stars in our home! They are each worth every penny and then some!


Favorite Home Products

These products make relaxing at home feel even more special.


Ambient Lighting for TVs

Bias lighting reduces eyestrain during nighttime television viewing and gives the TV an appealing glow.

Multi-Colored Smart Bulbs

Smart color-changing light bulbs.

Gooseneck Kettle with Digital Controls

Quickly heat water for coffee, tea, and more.

Comforting Hot Teas

Enjoy the soothing comfort of a hot tea in these favorite flavors.

WiFi Speakers

Enjoy great sound and fill your home with app-controlled Sonos speakers in every room and outside. Effortless setup!

Wireless Remote Power Switches

These simple remotes make it fast and easy to power up devices.



These home products are essential for a “work smarter, not harder” approach to life!


Smooth Writing Pens

The Pilot Precise Liquid Ink Rollerball Fine Point .7mm blue pens have smooth flowing ink in a bright, vivid color.

Engineering Computation Pad

This green-tinted notepad has a grid printed on the backside of the paper which allows for flexible formats when taking notes and diagramming abstract ideas.

Wireless Silent Mouse

This incredible mouse eliminates the clicking sound from a computer mouse for a much more pleasant workday.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Avoid the clutter of cords on your desk with a wireless comfort keyboard and mouse setup.

Ergonomic Foot Warmer

This ergonomic footrest includes an energy-efficient heater to keep feet warm.

Aeron Desk Chair

The Aeron desk chair from Herman Miller is a stylish, comfortable, and highly-rated office chair that includes lumbar support, adjustable tilt, & adjustable arms.



These products make life easier on the go and also make thoughtful gifts.


Car Seat Gap Fillers

Ensure that important small items don’t fall between your car’s front seats.

Portable Chargers with Flashlights

These handy devices are useful in power outages and other situations when devices need extra charge.

Waterproof Smartphone Cases

Take underwater photos or simply protect your phone while using it at the pool.


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